When Can My Kid Walk To School Alone?


Your babies are all grown up, time flies so quickly. Seems like yesterday, when they were in your lap playing and giggling, and today, they are all grown up to begin a new chapter- walking school alone. 8, 9 or 10 years, what is the right age? Still thinking, don’t worry! Here is the guide that can help you prepare for your kid’s first solo trip to school.

When Is The Right Time?

Allowing your kid to go to school alone is one big step in teaching them the basics of autonomy. So the same question hit our mind again-what is the correct age to let them walk alone to school?

If your child age is less than eight then he/she might not be able to physically process a few pieces of information. Also, the visual range of the child is quite narrow, that is only 70° while adults have a vision range of 180°. Mostly, around the age of 10 or 9 years, a child is able to reciprocate to things better and be totally aware of the safety rules.

Apart from age, you must consider the physiological factors before letting them go on their own. You must also wait for your child will like whether they want to walk to school alone or not. If they are not prepared for it, there is no need to put any pressure on them.

How Can You Prepare Your Kids?

Whether it is going to school alone or strolling in a park on your own, everything needs some training and learning. Your kid first solo trip requires a lot of your attention as it’s beginning of their first autonomous journey.

The best way to infuse the road safety rules is to walk along with them several times through the same routes. You can start with some basics rules such as looking right and left before crossing any street, obeying traffic signals, identifying dangers, like garage exits. All these things instil self-confidence and they will be ready soon for their first unaccompanied trip.

You can continue having trips with them to school if you still think he/she is still not ready to walk alone. But also give them a feeling of independence by allowing them to walk some steps ahead of you.

The ABC’s of Safety Rules

Before commencing your child’s first solo journey, you must let them aware of possible dangers prevailing on the street. Precaution is always better than cure! As a responsible parent, it is your duty to tell them about safety rules to avoid dangers.

  • Tell your kid to take well-travelled roads, avoid shortcuts, and use the same street every day.
  • Ask them to look both sides before crossing the road.
  • Encourage them to be confident and to avoid any conversation with strangers. If any stranger comes near then ask them to inform their school principal, teachers or any reliable adult.

A Last Piece of Advice

If you are still not very confident about the safety of little ones on the streets then there is a smart solution that brings peace of mind by ensuring your kid safety. Try using Trakbond Trail– a small GPS device that will tell you child location on your smartphone or tablet. The SOS button will send an instant alert if they are in trouble.



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