How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of School?


Seeing your children growing up in front of your eyes is the best feeling a parent can relish. The first day of school is a major landmark in kids as well as in parent’s life as it is the beginning of your child’s formal education.
Ask any parents about their kid’s first day at school and see how emotional they become on this question. If your little ones are also set to begin their journey to school then gear up and read onto know a few tips that will help you in preparing your child for the first day of school.

Visit the School

It is advisable to visit the school with your child before it actually starts as it helps in boosting your child confidence as well as assist in lowering down the fear of the first day. Request the school principal to allow your child to see the school visually. It helps your kid in familiarizing with the school premises and staff members. Tell them about their classroom, cafeteria and playground in advance so that they can feel comfortable on the first day of the school.

Meet the teacher

Meeting the school teacher before the start of the school is equally important. Introduce your kids to their teacher as it will help them to know each other better. Your child can identify the familiar faces when they will go to the school for the first time.

Help them make Friends

Friendship is the best gift that we get after going to school. Tell your kids about your first-day experience at school. Share how you made so many friends in the school. Also, try introducing them to other kids when dropping them on the first day of school.

Be Organized

Be Organized

Encourage your child to be organized from the very first day so that he/she can get used to the school routine easily. Prepare their backpack with books and other stationary items and press their school uniform in advance to have an easy morning. Also, prepare your kid’s favourite food that is healthy as well as tasty for the lunch box.

Buy School Supplies

Kids love shopping and when it comes to school supplies then the excitement is much bigger. After purchasing all the important school supplies like uniforms, shoes, books; you can let your child select a few small items like pencil box, name stickers and backpack on their own.

Get School Book & Class Schedule


Get a school book to know the rules and regulation of the school in advance. Read it thoroughly to have a clear idea of fee structure, transport facility and other co-curricular activities. Impart this knowledge to your kid so that he/she can get a better idea of their school rules. Ask for the class schedule before the start of the school and tell your child about the classes that they will have and try relating the schedule with their everyday activities.

Go for a GPS Tracker

Trakbond trail

The beginning of school brings a big change in kids as well as parents life. Leaving your child alone for the first time is difficult for you and their safety is the biggest concern for you. Many of you may want to know whether they have reached the school or boarded the bus. Taking a help of location-based technology like GPS trackers can be a great help as these gadgets let you track your child’s location on the live map whether he/she is in school, bus or playground.

Final Word

The first day of school is the special moment for you and your kids and all they need is your love and care. As a diligent parent, it is your duty to boost the confidence of your child and remove all their fears about the school by cheering them up. Also, don’t let the goodbyes last for too long.
Happy Parenting!


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