How to Protect Your Child from Being Bullied At School?


Do you think your children are being bullied at school? Does he come home with tattered clothes and damaged school supplies? Does he refrain from going to school? Are his grade are dropping? If yes, then your doubts might be correct.

Children who are shy and timid at school usually become the victim of bullying. Schoolyard bullies mostly keep an eye on kids who are loners and stay away from the crowd.  Bullying can be done in any forms like verbal, physical, social or cyberbullying.

Bullying can have ill-effect on your kid’ mental and physical health and can totally shatter your child’s confidence and personality, so as a parent it is your responsibility to understand your child condition and help them gain confidence. Take a look at this article to know the forms of bullying and ways to guard your kids from being bullied at the school.

Forms of Bullying

Verbal Bullying

It includes bullying in the form of physical abuse like insulting someone about their weight, height or other attributes like race, color, creed or religion.

Physical Bullying

Physical bullying includes harassing someone by hurting their feelings, stealing or damaging materials, or by threatening the other person.

Social Bullying

This form of bullying includes circulating someone’s personal information or images on the social network.

Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying includes the use of technologies, gadgets, and social media for sending abusive or hurtful messages, pictures, or videos.

Ways to protect your child from being bullied at school

Be Attentive & Listen

Try to listen and understand your kid’s problem just like a friend. If they aren’t comfortable in opening up their feelings in front of you, then encourage them to talk about it with their grandparents, elder siblings or nannies. If they don’t feel talking about it then x them some time until they become comfortable.

Talk to the teacher

You can try talking to your kid’s teacher to make them aware of the whole situation so that they can pay extra attention to your kid. If you’re telling about a particular incident to their teachers then try elucidating the whole scenario in a detailed manner like what happened in school and the students who were involved in bullying. If the problem still persists then you can also inform the school administrator and request them to take immediate action against the issue.

Confront the Bully Parent

Contacting the parents of bullies is a wise option as you can explain the whole situation to them and can resolve the issue in a mature way. You can either call, text or e-mail them in a polite manner and interpret the whole scenario in a non-confrontational way.

Wrap Up

Bullying can rip off your kid’s self-esteem to a large extent. So it’s important to understand your kid’s state of mind and be patient with them in order to boost their confidence level.  Try to spend more time with them and get involved in enjoyable activities like sports, hiking, camping to uplift their mood. You can also give them gadgets like Trakbond GPS tracker that is equipped with the HELP button which empowers your child to send you instant alerts in case of emergencies.



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