10 Ways Working Mom Can Balance Work & Family

10 Ways Working Mom Can Balance Work & Family

Gone are the days when the role of a woman was limited to taking care of household work and family. Today, most of the couples are working together to earn a decent livelihood. But working mums always struggle to maintain a perfect work-life balance. This leads to a feeling of guilt or sometimes stress due to divided attention between family and work. So if you are working mommy and juggling between your full-time job and family life then read this article to know some easy and fantastic tips to have ideal work-life balance.

Let Go of the Guilt

As per the society belief, the majority of the people think that moms have more responsibility than dads. Women are expected to look after their kids, family, and household work while maintaining their husband-wife relationship. Most of the working mothers are guilt-ridden due to their incapability in spending time with their kids. To overcome this guilt, you should think about the benefits that you will gain by doing your job and how it will be advantageous for your family. With your earnings, you can also financially support your partner in livelihood and provide a quality education to your kids. Your kid’s future should be your main priority so you should not give any importance to guilt and should concentrate on the main idea behind doing a job.

Go for a flexible schedule

The nine-to-five schedules may not be suitable for everyone. You can talk to your manager about a flexible time schedule or check if your company have work from home option. If you are facing difficulty in aligning with the regular office timing then take any of the alternative options mentioned below:

  • Working in a late night or early shift.
  • Switching from a full-time job to part-time.
  • Working from home once a week.

If any of these ideas don’t suit your schedule then you can plan for a holiday trip to spend some quality time with your family.

Spend some me time

Mums mostly put their needs on the backside while fulfilling the needs of every family member. But it is important to have some me time to get some inner calmness and peace of mind. Spend some time to rejuvenate or recharge yourself. Hit the gym, join yoga, relax in a spa, or catch up with old friends; give some time to pamper yourself. If you take good care of yourself then only you would be able to pay attention to your loved ones.

Make the Mornings Easier


“Who doesn’t want a peaceful morning with no shouting and running for food or clothes?” Well, we all do. To have a smooth morning, make sure to organize everything one day before to make the next morning less hectic for everyone. Pack all lunch boxes and put them in the freezer one day prior to school, prepare your kid’s bag pack and even organize your office papers and files.

Give your 100% to your Work & Home

Working mother can’t stop worrying about their kids and family even at the office. This result in extra hours in the office or pile-up work to be carried to the home.  To avoid this situation, it is important to make a balanced routine that will let you be as effective as possible in the office so that you can give your 100% to your workplace and home.  When at home, try to put away your phone or stop your business notification to spend all your time with your family.

Plan Ahead & Get Organized

Effective time management is very necessary for a working mother as it will assist them to utilize and enjoy each moment to the fullest.  Decide your meal plan and pack your lunch in advance. You will feel more relaxed if you do your grocery shopping once a week. Make a note of bills, undue payments and kid’s important assignments or projects. Try to go for automated bill payments wherever possible. Use a calendar to write all important dates like dentist appointment, parent-teachers meeting day, kid’s soccer game or anything that is important to you and your loved ones.  It will help you stay happy and make your days less tiring for you.

Enjoy some Family time

It is important to spend some time with your loved ones to strengthen your family bond. Whether it is playing your favourite board games, or strolling in the nearby park; pick something that you all enjoy doing. Choose any one day in a week for fun activities; you can visit the zoo, theme park, movie or stay home to do some creative activities like baking a cake or art and craft things with kids.

Foster your relationship with your Partner

Most of the women start ignoring their personal relationship after becoming mommies. But it is important to fortify your relationship with your life partner as they will be always there by your side.  Arrange a date night or prepare a nice dinner to get closer to each other. You can talk about each other instead of talking about kids or work.

Look for help

If you think that you are not able to manage your house and work then consider hiring a babysitter or nanny. Some lucky couples can also take help of their parents who love to spend time with their grandparents. Going to a day-care centre or crèche can also be a great option for younger kids who can’t stay at home alone.

Invest in GPS tracker

Trakbond GPS Tracker

A mom will always be a mom; it is not possible for her to not to worry about her babies when she is not with her. A GPS tracker is a relief for all mums who want to keep an eye on their little one. A GPS tracker like Trakbond trail gives the location of your child on your smartphone or PC. You will gain some peace of mind by seeing that your kid has safely reached school/day-care or home with the help of real-time tracking.

Final Thoughts

Mums can follow these simple tips to have a successful career and family life. You just need to do pre-plan things and be more organized to get the best of both worlds.

Happy Parenting!


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