9 Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

9 Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

Today, seniors are mostly choosing to live alone on their own. Solitude living can be beneficial for your mental health but you need to take a few precautions to safeguard yourself from any kind of potential dangers. Read onto know some safety tips that will assist you to live alone safely.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Improper wiring or stray electrical cord may cause some serious accidents like electric shock or other. Don’t forget to make sure that all light bulbs are installed properly and getting proper wattage. Have proper lighting in corridors, bathrooms and storage area. Always keep your hands dry and wear slippers while using the switches.

Know Your Neighbors

It is always good to know your neighbours as they can help you if you need any assistance in case of emergency. Maintain a cordial relationship with your neighbours and try to keep at least one of them in your emergency call list.

Do Take Your Medicines

Old age comes with many health problems and diseases. If you’re suffering from any health issues then don’t forget to take your medicines. Schedule an alarm or write it down on sticky papers and hung it on fridge or TV to avoid any skip. Keep your medicine within your reach, if possible, nearby your bed and always carry your medicines in your purse while going outdoors or on vacations.

Organize a weekly check-in

Ask your children, grandchildren or loved ones to call or visit you once a week to ensure everything is alright.  Those who don’t have relatives or friends can ask the neighbours to call or visit you in a 1-2 week.

Don’t place items in hard to reach places

Put daily use items, clothing, and wearable within your reach so that you don’t have to climb to get things as it may lead to falls or accidents. Keep a sturdy stool or stair in case you need to climb up to get any items in emergencies.

Test smoke alarms weekly

Don’t forget to install the smoke alarms in your house as they can alert you instantly if there is any fire hazard in your house. Change the batteries after every six months to keep it in operating condition.

Take Help of Technology

Now, it’s very easier to connect to your loved ones using gadgets like smartphones and trackers. You can take the help of location-based technology to keep your dear ones informed about your whereabouts all the time. Most of the GPS a tracker like Trakbond Trail plus comes with a HELP button that let you send instant alerts to your relative or friends in case you need their help in an emergency situation.

Avoid Slippery Conditions

It is important to make sure that the floor of the bathrooms and kitchen are not slippery at all as it might lead to major accidents.  Try putting non-slippery floor mats in your bathrooms and also install safety bars in your showers or bathtubs to avoid such kinds of accidents. Keep mats at the house entrance to prevent floors from getting wet on snowy or rainy days.

Put a lock box on your door

A lockbox is a great thing with which you allow your loved ones or trusted neighbours to access your house if you’re unable to attend the doorbell. You can also maintain a secret place to hide your spare entrance key and can tell about this place to your close family members or friends so that they can come to your home in case of emergency.

Final Words

These are a few tips that could help you to stay safe even if you live alone. But you should also be careful and alert all the time to avoid any accidents or dangers.  Be safe and be happy.


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