Trakbond Trail

If you’re a pet lover who wants to unleash your four-legged buddy to enjoy freedom then Trakbond GPS tracker is a must-have gadget for you. The tracker will let you follow your pet’s movement directly on a live map.

Trakbond Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

Locate your four-legged buddy from anywhere, anytime with next-gen Trakbond GPS tracker. The tracker sends your pet’s live location (every 30 seconds) right on your mobile phones or tablets.

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Safe-Zone Alert

Get notified instantly when your pet runs out of delimited regions (e.g. home, neighbourhood, or backyard). Know the exact location of your dearest buddy and react promptly if it moves to some unfamiliar place or gets lost.

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Trakbond Safe-Zone Alert

Anti-lost Tracker for Pets

If your cat/dog or any pets are out for too long, use the real-time tracking feature to find their location in a few minutes. You don’t need to run behind your pet anymore, the GPS chip inside the tracker will give you live location updates even if your pet is away from you.

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Timeline View

Monitor your pet’s full-day activity at one glance with the timeline view feature. If your pet goes to crèche, see how much time it spends in walking.

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Trakbond Timeline View
Trakbond Tiny GPS Tracker

Tiny GPS Tracker

Attach it to you pets neck strap securely keep it into their jacket- this Pets’s GPS tracker is so light in weight that it can fit in anywhere and your pet would carry it with ease without even noticing it.

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Care Group

If you’re an avid traveller and loves to explore but worries about leaving your little buddy at home alone then Trakbond GPS tracker is the ideal gadget for you. The care group feature gives you leverage to add your close friends and relatives to receive your pet’s location updates and relevant notification in case of your absence.

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Trakbond Care Group

Completely Safe for Your Precious Ones

Curated with avant-garde technology by keeping small pets’s safety in mind. The SAR level of the device is below 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg) that makes it “completely safe” GPS tracker for pets.

Trakbond kids SAR LEVEL

All India Coverage

Equipped with a pre-installed SIM card that works nationwide along with 2-months free subscription plan. The subscription plan includes unlimited data usage, SMS alerts, Trakbond app, after-sales support and other benefits.

Trakbond All India Coverage

How does it work?

A small and easy-to-use> smart tracker that works with a user-friendly Trakbond App. The innovative interface of the app lets you see your little ones’ location on a live map. You can track multiple devices that you own, all under one single account. Any alerts can be easily received through in-app notifications, making real-time tracking possible even without accessing the app.

Trakbond How does it work?


Dimension & Weight

The size of Trakbond trail is 40mm x 45mm x 23mm, which makes it tiny like a keychain and it weighs only 40gm and is light enough to be carried by small pets.


Trakbond trail is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Trakbond trail is equipped with a 3.7V 600 mA/H Lipo battery and comes with a 110-220V compatible charger.

GPS Accuracy

The accuracy of the Trakbond trail is upto +/-5 metres.

How to attach Trakbond GPS Tracker for pets?

Trakbond GPS Tracker for pets comes with multiple wearing options such as a carabiner, neck strap, and silicon case that makes it easy-to-wear on any pet.

Attachment Options

Trakbond In the box

In the box

Great things come in small packages, so as our product. Loaded with a pre-installed SIM card, Trakbond Trail GPS tracker let you know your pet’s location from anywhere, anytime.

  • Trakbond Trail Pet’s GPS Tracker
  • Sturdy USB Charger and Cable
  • Attachment Options
    1. Water-resistant Silicone Case
    2. Lockable Carabiner with Extensible String
    3. Adjustable Neck Strap
  • Informative User Manual

10-Days Money Back Guarantee

You can always refund your money within ten days if you aren’t satisfied with your tracker. Just try it for 10-days and see whether it can secure your kid’s life by creating safe boundaries around your little ones.

Make it a Part of your Family

Make a safety net for your little pets when they’re not with you. The GPS tracker allows you to stay in touch with your pets when they’re outdoors by quickly locating them on a live map when they go out of your sight in public places.

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