About trakbond

Trakbond is one of the leading IoT-based wearable safety device companies in India.Founded in 2014,
Trakbond designs and manufactures next-generation IoT-based safety solutions which offer safety to your loved ones.
We have incorporated cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and AI in our innovative location-based products to keep families safe and connected.
Headquartered in Noida, Trakbond was started by an IITK alumna, with a vision to create a safer world for those who matter you the most. To turn our vision into reality,
we have built our device using highly advanced real-time monitoring solution to give you the location updates of your dear ones on a live map. Our savvy engineers have integrated trailblazing technologies to mould our product in a robust and user-friendly design.


Trakbond Trail and Trail + are one the lightest and smallest GPS locators that can keep your loved ones connected.
Once activated, the locator can be tracked through an intuitive, user-friendly mobile app directly from any smartphones and tablets.
Our high-end locators use a ground-breaking technology that amalgamates GPS, GSM, sensors and accelerometer together to give you
the location data of your loved ones. The Trakbond datacentre makes use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms and cellular network
signalling for managing the locators and sending GPS location data to the Trakbond app.

Our Mission

Solving real-life safety problems of your loved ones is our main motto. We strive to achieve it with ground-breaking technologies like AI and machine learning.

Our Values

Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork & Commitment is our core values.

Our Vision

To empower families to secure their peace of mind by protecting their loved ones with our smart safety solutions.

Voice From CEO

Preeti Gupta

Preeti is a young and passionate entrepreneur who holds a post-graduate degree from IIT-Kanpur. Being a mother of two kids, she has realized the importance of the safety gadget when she lost the sight of her 3-year-old daughter in the park for 10 minutes. This nerve-breaking experience inspires her to make India’s tiniest GPS locators to address the worries of all parents who keep thinking about the safety of their little ones when they are away from them. With many years of corporate experience, she has turned her vision into reality by building an ultra-modern locator that can keep you connected with your loved ones, no matter where they are.