How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Patients from Wandering?

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Patients from Wandering?

Ageing is beautiful but it comes with some health problems like forgetfulness, Alzheimer or dementia. Wandering is one of the most dangerous risks involved with Alzheimer and dementia patients as the person often feel lost even in familiar places and forgetfulness make them wander off to unsafe places. This progressive form of dementia also weakens the person’s memory, thinking and reasoning skills. If your parent is also suffering from Alzheimer or Dementia then read this article to know a few tips to mitigate the potential dangers of wandering.

Make Your Home Safe

Adding alarms on the windows and doors can also be a good option as it can alert you if your elders go out of the main door. You can also put motion detectors on the outer door or simply add bells on the doorknobs to safeguard your seniors from wandering. Try putting some signs on the washroom door to make it visible in the night. Adding deadbolts at some height to make it unreachable for seniors is also a great idea to lessen the chances of wandering.

Plan Trips Carefully

Plan Trips Carefully

Try to avoid outings with large groups as it can upsurge the risk of wandering. While tripping with elders who are suffering from Alzheimer disease, try taking extra helper if possible. Pick a family-friendly hotel or resort if staying overnight on a trip.
Camouflage the Doors
Cover the door with “camouflage” posters to make it appear like a cabinet or bookshelf. You can also paint the door in a similar color to make them “hidden.”

Be Prepared

Take a picture of your elder each morning and always keep their recent photos with you. If possible, make them wear bright color clothes so that you can easily identify them in a large crowd in case they go missing. Tell your neighbors about the wandering tendency of your elder so that they can contact you if they find them wandering. You can also try adding some fun activities or events that can keep them active and involved so that they can fight boredom and become less prone to wandering.

Invest in a GPS Locator

Switching to a location-based gadget like GPS locator is a great way to know their location from any part of the world. A safety wearable locator like Trakbond Trail+ is the perfect for seniors or Alzheimer patients as it comes with Unknown Area Alert that sends you notifications in case your loved ones wander to a location that is not defined in your predefined safe-zones.

Hide Purses, Wallets & Keys

Keeping the car and door key out of your elder’s reach is a smart way to lessen the risk as they might drive off to an unfamiliar place. Hide your wallets and purses as they can easily go out by public transports if money is available to them.

ID Tag

Give an identification bracelet and write their name, phone number and address over it. Make sure they won’t leave the house without the ID tag. You can either attach this ID to their clothing. You can iron-on or sew the contact info to their clothing.

Final Word

There was a time when your parents kept you secure and sound under their safe wings. Now it’s your turn to take good care of them when they need your utmost support and care. Have patience and treat them the way they treated you when you were a small baby and unable to do things on your own.


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