GPS Trackers vs GPS Watches

GPS Trackers vs GPS Watches

With the rise in heinous crimes like abduction, molestation and sexual assault, kid’s safety has become the main concern of the parents these days. Most of the parents are taking the help of location-based technology to add an extra layer of security for their little ones when they are away.

With so many options available in the market, it is difficult for the parents to decide whether a GPS watch or a GPS tracker is a suitable device for their kid’s safety needs. Though GPS watches have totally grabbed the attention of the younger generation due to their funky look and stylish design, these watches don’t serve the real purpose of GPS gadgets that is, giving the exact real-time location updates.

Due to inaccuracies in location updates, most of these watches have failed to meet the safety needs of the kids. Have a look at this article to know why you should go for a GPS tracker instead of GPS watch.


While buying a GPS gadget for your loved ones, the first  question that hits our mind first, “Is this GPS device provides real-time tracking?” GPS watches are infamous for their inaccurate location updates as they rely on LBS tracking that uses cellular tower triangulation. The upload frequencies of these watches are also not in real-time. On the other hand, GPS trackers are known for accuracy and provide you with the real-time location updates of your kid on a live map.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the crucial features that we look for in a device while purchasing a GPS gadget for our kid. Parent mainly buys a GPS device to keep a track of their child’s whereabouts at any time and from anywhere.  GPS watches usually have poor battery life and require constant recharging which results in a child leaving the watch at home. Contrarily, GPS trackers are known for its durable life and can withstand for 2-3 days depending upon the usage.

Ease of Use

A high-tech gadget like GPS watch comes with many buttons which may confuse your kid like which button to press in case of emergency. On the other side, GPS trackers do not have many technical complexities and come with one HELP button that sends instant alerts to parents in case kid’s presses it in trouble.


Kids will be kids and it is pointless to expect them to be careful about their belongings. These GPS watches may have a modish look but they aren’t sturdy enough to endure rough use. GPS trackers, on the other hand, have a robust body and are durable enough to be carried out on school trips, family vacation, and summer camps.

Age Factor

It is very important to consider your kid’s age while buying a GPS gadget. Due to its heavy weight, the GPS watches aren’t suitable for toddlers and small babies.GPS trackers on the other side are preferred for small kids as you can attach the device to your baby’s clothing, stroller, or diaper bag using multiple wearing options.


GPS watches can only be used for tracking your kids while GPS trackers can be attached to your loved ones and valuables with the help multiple attachments and can be used in numerous ways. Also, GPS watches are only suitable for kids who are between 8-12 years old but few wearable safety GPS locators like Trakbond trail are specially designed by kids, toddlers, teens, women, elders, and also for pets as they serve different purposes.


As GPS watches are tied around your kid’s wrist so they are upfront and easily visible to abductors and predators. In case your child gets into trouble or kidnapped then abductors can easily see it and throw the device away. The stylish look of the GPS watch also attracts muggers and there is a huge chance of stealing and mugging.

On the contrary, GPS trackers like Trakbond trail are small enough to be slipped in child’s pocket or hanged to their bag pack and would easily go unnoticed by kidnappers and predators.

Final Word

GPS watches might be trendy among kids and teenagers but these watches aren’t good enough to give you the precise location updates of your loved ones all the time. So it is better, not to just go with the trendy design and buy a GPS device that really fulfils your real purpose of safety.



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