8 Camping Safety Tips for Kids


Camping with family is not just an adventure activity but an opportunity to bond with family members in a lush-green environment. Connect with nature, enjoy the fresh air or strengthen your family bond; camping can be a lot of fun. But the greatest fear of a parent is-“What if they lose the sight of their little ones in the woods?” Here are a few tips that can help you in camping safely with kids.

Staying Together Is Safe

Learn it by heart, the first rule of camping is to stay close and walk in a pair. Whether it is using a restroom or going for a shower, never let your child go alone. Ask them to memorize this golden rule as soon as possible. Tell your children how it will help them in an emergency situation like asking for help if one of the people gets in danger.

Make Safe Boundaries

After reaching the camping spot, the first thing you need to do is to make a safety fence. Whether you decide your safe-zones within boundaries like “before the big tree” or “away from the lake” or you make own fence with trees and strings, it is your duty to tell your children to stay within the defined boundaries.

Stay Away from Water

Be it playing in the water or taking bath, water activity is always a fun. But kids need to understand that they can go near to the water bodies only under adult supervision. Try to add a lot of water sports activities in your schedule, so your child would be less attracted to water bodies.

Pack Some Healthy Food

Kids love to munch snacks, so when you are packing stuff for camping; don’t forget to put some healthy snacks or drinks. Carry plenty of protein-rich snacks such as nuts, peanut butter crackers to boost up their energy. Avoid packing sugary drinks and snacks as it can make them lethargic.

Put Shoes All the Time

Walking bare feet at home is safe, but if you are thinking of wearing flip-flops inside the campsite then you are certainly wrong. Letting your child walk bare feet can put him/her on some potential dangers like stepping on poisonous plants, pointed rocks or thorny bushes.

Carry a GPS Tracker

Trakbond trail

Bringing a GPS tracker like a Trakbond Trail+ in your camping trip is a wise option. A GPS tracker can let you follow your child’s location right on your smartphone if they go out of your sight. Trakbond trail is so small and lightweight that you can either attach it to your kid’s backpack, clothes or slip it into their pocket. Packed with durable battery life and sturdy body; Trakbond Trail+ is ideal for outdoor activities.

Avoid Ivy Poison & Ivy Oak

Learn to detect poison ivy, sumac and oak. Try wearing long socks, packs and covered shoes in dark woods. If your child touches these weeds accidentally then tell them to wash their hands on a frequent basis to avoid rash spreading on other body parts.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration can take away all your energy; tell your kids to carry a water bottle all the time. Camping involves a lot of sweat-inducing activities that can reduce the water level in the body. By staying hydrated; your kids can easily climb, run and play.

Take-Home Advice

Before planning out a camping trip, it is important to tell your children about the importance of camping safety rules. Once they understood the main idea behind it, they will happily follow them on the camping trip.


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