7 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe in Crowded Places

7 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe in Crowded Places

Who doesn’t want a nice family outing? Well, we all do. After a long hectic schedule, all we want is to have a nice weekend escape with our loved ones. From shopping in the mall to sunbathing on the serene beaches, there are innumerable fun activities that you can relish with your family. But, the one thing that surely bothers most of the parents is the safety of their child in the crowded places. Sometimes, even the most attentive and diligent parent can lose the sight of their little angels in a large crowd. Only a thought of losing a sight of our little ones can give you utter pain. Here are few tips that could help you protect your kid in busy public places.

Click a Picture of Your Kid

Parents mostly go into panic mode when they know that their kiddo is missing. They even forget what their son or daughter was wearing due to anxiety and stress. As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. So being on the safer side, it is better to take a snap of your child before you go out. Your kid photo could be very helpful for people who are assisting you to find your missing child.

Choose a Meet-up Point

After reaching your destination, the first thing you need to do is to pick a meet-up point in case you get separated from your child. You can select any unique place such as a particular shop, statue or anything that seems interesting to your kid. Something with distinctive feature would be a better option rather than a booth or bench.

Dress them in Bright Colors

While going out in a crowded place, dress your kids in flashy colours to spot them easily if they get separated from you. Try to buy their clothes in gaudy colors like lime green, bright yellow or red that are easily visible from a distance.

Seek Help from Safe People

You need to introduce the term safe strangers to them; tell your kid that not all strangers are bad guys. Ask them to approach strangers who are in uniforms such as security guard, police officer or fire-fighter.

Don’t Panic

It is very important to remain calm even if the apple of your eye is not within your sight. Panicking can only worsen the situation and waste your time. If you will remain calm and composed then it will be easier for you to think from your child’s point of view.  Ask people, go to the meet-up location or try to revisit the places that you went with your kid. Talk to the security staffs or shopkeepers and tell them about your child appearance or give your phone numbers so that they can call you if they find your kid.

Give them Identifying Objects

Asking your kid to remember your full name and phone number is the first safety rule. If your child is too small to remember this info then you can go for various other identifying items. These items could be helpful in finding out your little ones in case they get separated.

Business Card

Slip a business card or any type of information card in your kid’s pocket. This could be also very useful for them if they are trying to find you.

Identification Bracelet

You can also use bracelets as an identifying object. Just write down your name and phone number on it if your kids are not old enough to memorize it.

Kid’s Tracker

trakbond trail

Keeping a GPS tracker like Trakbond trail can also be very helpful in this kind of situation. Trakbond trail can follow your kid’s movements on a live map and send their location updates directly on your smartphones. It comes with one-press SOS button which sends you an instant alert in case of an emergency.

Talk Before You Go

Having a brief discussion about basic safety rules is also a good plan before heading out from home. Repeat the safety basics and try to have this discussion before you go or on the way so that the conversation will be fresh in everybody’s mind. You can also have some role-playing situation with your child about what to do if you get separated.

Final Word

Kids will always be kids, they will wander, roam and discover the world in their own way but as a responsible parent, it is your duty to keep them secure under your safe wings.


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