7 Safety Tips for Kids Home Alone

7 Safety Tips for Kids Home Alone

Whether you are a working parent or only breadwinner of the family, leaving your child home alone is always the hardest thing for every parent. Even at your workplace, few questions revolve in your mind like “What if something goes wrong?” Or “What if someone breaks into my home?” If you are not confident about leaving your child alone at home then read onto know few safety tips that you can try out before leaving your kid home alone.

Teaching the Basics

Before taking this decision, have a little chat with your kid about how comfortable they feel about living home alone. Start by familiarising them with all the sounds present in the home like cell-phone ring, fire alarm, or door opening sound. This will help your children to react to any unexpected sounds. Make a list of emergency contacts or stick it to your fridge or any area that is within your kid’s reach. Tell them how to lock and unlock the door. Make some house safety rules; teach them about appliance safety, or do fire drills to impart few safety rules.

Considering the Age Factor

“What is the right age to leave my child alone at home?” You must be wondering this question. Isn’t it? Though there is no minimum age or rules for leaving your child alone, it is important to consider the maturity level of your child while taking this decision.  If you think your child is too young to be left unsupervised then you may consider hiring a nanny.

Take Your Time

Leaving your child home alone is a big step so it is important to prepare your child for it. Start the process by leaving your kids for a small duration like while visiting the nearby post office or the mall for grocery. Increase the time duration slowly so that he/she can practice managing the house alone.

Impart Safety Rules to Children

Before leaving your child alone at home, make sure that he/she knows enough about the safety rules. Prepare them for some real-time situations like what to do if fire alarm rings, asking names before opening the main door and making a call in an emergency situation.

Keep Sharp Object Away From Your Child

Sharp objects and anything with potential danger should be kept away from your kid’s reach. You can keep all these objects in the storage area or basement. These objects may include knives, chemicals, kitchen tools and more.

Make Child Home Safety Checklists

Preparing some house safety rule is a good idea while leaving you kid alone at home.

  • Make an emergency number list that includes the contact numbers of family members, neighbours, police and fire department.
  • Teach them some basic first-aid techniques as it can help them in case they get some minor paper cuts or burns. Keep the first-aid within their reach so that they can easily use it when needed.
  • Put safety covers on new electrical devices and also prepare some electricity safety rules for your child so that they don’t touch any of the home appliances without your permission.

Give them a GPS tracker

GPS tracker

Make sure to give them a locator to keep a track of your little ones when they are home alone. A GPS tracker like Trakbond Trail gives an accurate location of your child on your mobile and tablets. It is equipped with an SOS button that your kid can press if he/she faces some trouble while staying home alone.

Final Thoughts

Leaving your child home alone not only boost their confidence level but also make them independent and responsible. Before you take that step, have a candid talk with your kid like how they feel about living in the house alone. If you think he/she is still not ready for this then give them time till they get fully prepared.


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